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top 1 excercise -fat burn yoga workout


Here how top 1 excercise -fat burn yoga workout :

fast burn yoga workout

Here how top 1 excercise -fat burn yoga workout :

Once per month, for six consecutive months’ you’ll receive a package in the mail consisting of follow along DVD’s jam packed with your trainings,

It’s designed to have you finally experiencing the dramatically improved flexibility, focus, energy, posture and vitality along with all of the other amazing stress reducing, health and anti-aging benefits only the very best of yoga has to offer- And you’ll be able to do so right from your living room, And by the end of the six months, you’ll be looking back , you’ll very likely find yourself thriving in your day to day life in ways you never thought possible.


top 1 excercise -fat burn yoga workout

Foundational Flow

The first four weeks are designed to teach you the foundation of a strong yoga practice and of course, start to shape long, lean muscles while having fun! This initial foundation is the key to progressing through the next two phases safely and effectively.

Transitional Flow

Phase 2 is dedicated to teaching you how to combine the moves we’ve learned in Phase 1 into a smooth flow that will allow you to burn more calories and get that heart rate up!

Mastery Flow-Phase 3

is designed to spice things up, reenergize and reinvigorate your mental focus while fully maximizing your weight loss results.
There is more repetition of each pose to really encourage the desired muscle to fatigue. Also, you will be guided through a combination of upper and lower body compound movements. These are designed to get the most done in the shortest amount of time, and the muscles we are going to target will help give your body that attractive hourglass shape

Can I do Yoga Burn while pregnant

The Beginner Flow and The Tranquility Flow, which are ideal throughout all stages of Pregnancy.And best of all, Yoga Burn is perfect for helping you recover once you’ve had your baby as you can start getting fit without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

What if fat burn yoga doesn’t work for me?

100% refund within 48 hours within 60 days of your purchase by emailing us at support@yoga-burn.net or calling us at (866)-730-7334



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